Fire Doors

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Fire Doors

Fire doors are responsible for limiting losses in the event of fire. Found most often in large facilities, fire doors are located at openings in firewalls. The firewalls are designed to separate the area into smaller zones that can prevent the spread of fire to the entire facility. Typically, fire doors remain open until called upon to close in the event of fire. The addition of fire doors and firewalls can lower insurance costs significantly.

Most insurance companies require yearly testing of the fire doors in buildings they insure. Unless installers are fully trained, and follow procedures set by the National Fire Protection Association, the fire doors may not function properly. Our installers are trained in the proper methods of installation, and understand the principles of fire door operation. Proper fire door “drop testing” is a procedure that makes sure your doors will function as planned. Regular scheduled appointments are available to ensure that your fire doors will close when it counts! When your jobs and warehouse contents are on the line don’t take chances, demand professionals, ask for J.W.Murdoch and Sons Inc.


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